Pearls make perfect complements to flashier gems, yet also possess an elegance that can shine alone.

At Ogdens we have been pearl merchants for our entire existence, since 1893. Most of our pearl jewellery is from saltwater cultured pearls, which are the most long lasting and have the brightest lustre, but our collection also includes some antique natural pearls, which are extremely rare and valuable.

Pearls are created when a oyster coats a foreign object with nacre, the beautiful lustrous substance that we associate with this gemstone. In natural pearls this 'nucleus' could just be a speck of grit; in a cultured pearl it is usually a spherical bead induced into the oyster. Therein is the huge price difference - to find a row of perfectly spherical natural pearls could take many years, and prices for natural pearl necklaces can run into the £millions.

The best cultured pearls are the Akoya ones from Japan, and these form most of our pearl collection.

South Sea cultured pearls, which can come in white or golden form, are usually over 11mm in diameter, and found off the coasts of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are a wonderful statement piece, popular with celebrities and royalty the world over.

Tahitian cultured pearls can cover a wide range of colour hues from light grey through purplish and greenish tones to a charcoal grey. They are grown in saltwater atolls off French Polynesia and Fiji. Less expensive examples can often be dyed to achieve these colours, but we only have naturally coloured pearls in our collection.

The two row pearl necklace is a lovely piece for evening wear, capped with an oval diamond-set centrepiece and large South Sea pearl drop.

It would be beautifully complemented by the South Sea pearl and diamond drop earrings.

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