Automatic Manual Watches

How often should I get my vintage watch serviced?
On average we recommend that your watch is serviced every three years. If in doubt, please bring it in and let us check it.

Does hand winding (using the crown) damage an automatic watch?
No, it does not. In fact, we recommend a good wind of 30+ turns every few days to keep the main spring taut, thus ensuring better time keeping.

What is a Bumper 'automatic' movement?
A 'Bumper' is a type of movement only found in vintage watches. The winding weight only rotates about 180 degrees, hitting a small bumper of each side. This movement can be heard and felt on the wrist. A conventional motor spins 360 degrees.

I have not had the watch long and it keeps stopping, is it faulty?
Not necessarily. Occasionally after a service the oil can 'bead up', especially if it has been displayed under lights. Return it to us under guarantee and we will re-service and test it.

My automatic watch does not keep very good time, why?
The watchmaker sets the watch to an average amount of winding. If it is returned under guarantee we can calibrate it to your wrist e.g. different calibration is needed if the watch is worn all the time or just occasionally.

My automatic watch will stop if I don't wear it. Can anything be done?
Yes. We recommend a winding box which is either mains or battery driven. This will rotate the watch, thus ensuring it is always running to time.

I would like to start a collection of vintage watches but don't know where to start?
Contact our assistant manager Adam Goddard, who will be happy to advise you. He has extensive experience in buying and selling watches and considerable knowledge over the technical aspects of every timepiece.