Our in-house design service enables our clients to receive a truly personal and bespoke service and offers the chance to commission a unique piece of jewellery, tailored to taste and budget. The design team guides individuals through the design process, from an initial consultation to scale drawings of the chosen design. Our team of working jewellers then brings the bespoke design to life in our workshop.




Ogden of Harrogate uses the very latest technology in design and manufacturing, and depending on the commission will employ Computer Aided Design and model making alongside more traditional hand-crafted routes. The sheer variety of technical expertise available to our design team means that a huge range of work can be carried out, whether re-modelling an heirloom or the creation of a brand new item of bespoke jewellery. The client is invited to be closely involved at every stage, including seeing their creation brought to life in the workshop.

A key stage of the design process is usually the production of detailed hand-drawn designs by the designer, who works closely with the client.  A hand drawing is often the best way to unlock the creativity of the mind, and to explore all the possible options.  The designs are all to scale and draw on the collective experience of the designer, the gemmologist and the workshop to produce pieces that, while beautiful and unique, are also achievable in the workshop.
Another route is using Computer Aided Design (CAD).  This 3D process can either be employed to enable the client to more closely visualise how the finished piece will look or can also be an intrinsic part of the manufacturing process, allowing for pieces of jewellery that often defy expectations and push the creative envelope.
Customers wishing to design their own piece of jewellery, or have a bespoke creation made especially for them are able to benefit from our considerable skills and experience throughout the design process. Our team of talented jewellers will then bring the piece to life in our state of the art workshop.

We are also able to advise on re-modelling jewellery. We find that this is very popular with clients who have inherited an heirloom and who want to keep it for sentimental reasons but find it is not suited to their personal style. We are able to use the stones and precious metal to create a more contemporary piece, better suited to the client’s needs.

To find out more about our design services, please contact us or simply visit one of our showrooms at any time.