FOPE Jewellery

Pearls make perfect complements to flashier gems, yet also possess an elegance that can shine alone.

At Ogdens we have been pearl merchants for our entire existence, since 1893. Most of our pearl jewellery is from saltwater cultured pearls, which are the most long lasting and have the brightest lustre, but our collection also includes some antique natural pearls, which are extremely rare and valuable.

The long pearl lariat necklace is one of our most popular pieces, a bold statement piece that is wearable in different ways. It would be well accessorised with the daring diamond-set drop earrings!

The 'Chanel' style necklace is also a popular choice, and the abstract 18ct gold, diamond and pearl necklace, earrings and ring are a unique and distinctive collection.

We also stock freshwater pearls, which can provide a very similar look to cultured pearls at a much lower price. The simple pear-shaped pearl earrings are a good example of freshwater pearl jewellery.

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Our flagship Edwardian fronted showroom provides an opulent space to view our stunning collections .