Emeralds have been used in jewellery since Ancient Egyptian times, and have long been valued for their unmistakable lush green colours and their rarity.

The most valuable emeralds come from Colombia and the most prized ones are almost entirely clear and with a blueish green hue. Other sources of fine emeralds are Zambia, Brazil and Afghanistan. Emeralds are a member of the Beryl family of gemstones which also includes Aquamarine and Morganite.

The emerald and diamond three stone ring boasts a wonderful central emerald-cut emerald. The emerald cut is a rectangular, step cut shape, so named because it was designed to show off the beauty of green emerald gemstones with high clarity. The corners are 'cut off', which offers some protection to this slightly more brittle stone. The cut is now used on many gemstones, particularly to highlight clarity. The viewer can see right into the stone, the prismatic cut producing an enchanting 'hall of mirrors' style optical display.

Emeralds are particularly well matched with yellow gold settings, hence the accents of gold claws in this mount.

Another popular cut for emeralds is the pear-shaped cut, seen on the large cluster pendant and also the emerald and diamond pendant and earrings suite. The pear cut is effectively a 'fancy' brilliant cut, with the same number of facets as the latter.

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