Ruby: the stone of passion, and festivity

Often bought to celebrate 40th anniversaries, rubies, among the most prized of gems, are also thought to symbolise passion, wealth and prosperity!

Red is a particularly appropriate colour at this festive time, evoking the red of holly berries and even Father Christmas' uniform!

The red of ruby, one of the most precious and valuable gemstones of all, can vary from a pure vibrant red to a slightly purplish red colour. The most valuable rubies come from Myanmar, and the most prized colour is often described as 'pigeon's blood', a red to slightly purplish or pinkish red colour of ruby with a soft, glowing, red fluorescence.

Rubies, like sapphires (part of the same family of gemstones), are very durable and can be worn for a lifetime.

The stunning cluster bracelet is a wonderful party piece for the festive season, and would pair very well with the cluster earrings.

The addition of a yellow gold collet on the otherwise white gold cluster ring adds a touch of vintage class to the look.

'Reverse' cluster rings, where the centre stone is a diamond, with the outer stones coloured, are increasingly popular with our clients, and a twist on the standard three stone ring.

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