Sapphire is the most previous and valuable blue gemstone, popular with British and European Royals. Although sapphires can be seen in a range of colour from yellows to pinks, in its blue guise its rich hue has been termed 'royal blue'.

The Ceylon sapphire earrings date are in the Art Nouveau style, from Edwardian times, and have that wonderful lightness and inner radiance found in sapphires from this region.

Historically, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) were regarded as premium sources for blue sapphires. However, in more recent times, the prices for sapphires from Kashmir have far outstripped those from any other location. One reason for these high prices is that there have been no significant new finds in this mountainous region since the 1920s, and so there is a scarcity value. Another reason is the presence in many Kashmir sapphires of 'silk', a type of inclusion that reflects light and scatters it throughout the stone, giving the gemstone a lovely velvety texture. The very best Kashmiri sapphires are truly stunning; however, the same may also be said of the best Burmese or Ceylon sapphires.

Some of the best modern sapphires are now found in Madagascar.

The pear-shaped sapphire cluster pendant is an opulent piece destined to enhance evening dress, and the sapphire to the centre of the three stone ring is a certified stone from Ceylon.

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