Emerald: the verdant beauty of Cleopatra's favourite gem

Emeralds have been used in jewellery since Ancient Egyptian times, and have long been valued for their unmistakable lush green colours and their rarity.

The most valuable emeralds come from Colombia and the best ones are almost entirely clear and with a blueish green hue. Other sources of fine emeralds are Zambia, Brazil and Afghanistan. Emeralds are a member of the Beryl family of gemstones which also includes Aquamarine and Morganite.

There are currently some wonderful emerald pieces in our stock, including this platinum, diamond and oval emerald cluster ring, which we have paired with a lovely pair of teardrop shaped emerald and diamond cluster earrings.

The pear-shaped emerald and diamond cluster pendant is a showpiece, the yellow gold collet around the emerald accentuating its rich colour beautifully, and the pear diamond-set bale mirroring the larger drop.

Next are two pieces of opal jewellery. Opals are one of the most unique and natural gemstones, and more than any other gem, every opal is distinctly individual. An opal is chemically similar to quartz, but with a large amount of fossilised water within its structure, most opals containing between 6% and 10% of water.

Opals are valued on the 'play of colour', which is where light passing through the stone is diffracted into the colours of the spectrum, and many different shades can be seen in the finest examples.

The opal and diamond pendant is in a classic cluster style, with the white gold setting contrasting with the yellow gold bale and chain. The cluster ring is a good matching piece.

Returning to the emerald theme, the round emerald and diamond cluster ring is in an Edwardian style, with half-collet settings on the diamonds, and the half eternity ring would make a wonderful gift for a 20th or, for the luckiest couples, a 55th wedding anniversary.

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