The extraordinary colours of gems

After celebrating the rubies behind yesterday's door, there are many other gemstones in wonderful red hues including rubellite (red tourmaline), garnet and red spinel.

While these gemstones would formerly have been described as 'semi-precious', the term is rarely used these days, as every one of these stones stands on its own, with unique qualities of clarity, colour and saturation, and some, such as spinel, can attract very significant prices at auction. In fact, one of the most storied stones in the world is a spinel: the 'Black Prince Ruby' on the Imperial State Crown.

The red tourmaline cluster necklace is a stunning piece, beautifully crafted with an Art Nouveau-inspired opulence. The cluster ring, from famed Italian designer Favero, provides a perfect match.

For a celebration of several brightly coloured gemstones, look no further than the Italian-made 18ct gold wrap-around floral ring set with aquamarines, garnets, peridots, citrines and amethysts.

Continuing along a more designer-led theme, there is also a lovely, modern diamond suite in today's collection. The 18ct white gold three strand bangle showcases its diamonds in collet, or rubover settings, and this style is also seen in the long graduated diamond drop earrings, and also the single stone diamond and platinum ring.

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