Georg Jensen

The latest pieces from Danish designer Georg Jensen are the boldest yet, particularly the new Reflect collection of gorgeously tactile polished silver elements.

Other ranges date back to the earliest days of the brand, which was founded in Denmark in 1904, and has long been a pioneer of Scandinavian chic.

Every so often Georg Jensen releases an 'archive' piece, usually a re-imagining of an earlier design. These are limited editions and highly sought after. The silver necklace emerging from the pyramid is the latest example.

Also in the collection are the time honoured Daisy, Offspring and Heart pieces, which all make lovely, tasteful style statements. These are available in different sizes of bracelet, necklace, ring and earrings.

Joining the stable is the Reflect range, which has been an extremely successful release, nodding to the eternal shapes of the Moebius range but also with elements of the Infinity family of pieces that has long been such a favourite of Georg Jensen fans.

The Living collection comprises items for the household, usually in rhodium-plated stainless steel, and surprisingly priced.

Choose from many ranges including the Bernadotte ribbed bowls, coffee pots, and the Henning Koppel wave-shaped pieces.

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