Hall of Mirrors: Emerald cut diamonds

There are many available cuts of diamond. Most of them, notably the round brilliant cut, the radiant cut and the princess cut, are designed to maximise the flow of light through the top of the stone, increasing the sparkle.

Emerald cuts do something different: they enhance the clarity of the stone and the linear facets create a 'hall of mirrors' within the stone, like looking into a swimming pool of fathomless depths. They are particularly well suited to Art Deco styles of jewellery. The name 'emerald cut' derives from the gemstone it was developed for, the cut corners designed to protect the edges of the more fragile emerald.

In today's collection, the single stone emerald cut diamond pendant gives prominence to the fine quality stone alone. The three stone ring evokes the jazz age with its clean lines, and the other three stone ring combines the emerald cut diamond with two brilliant cuts.

The baguette cut is similar to the emerald cut, but with far fewer facets and without the cut corners. It works well set in rows, and this effect can be seen in the eternity ring, which combines baguette diamonds with brilliant cuts.

Finally, three pieces using brilliant cut diamonds: the intensely wearable spectacle-set diamond chain necklace and bracelet, and the all-time classic diamond single stone earrings.

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