Would You Tell Your Partner If You Didn't Like Your Engagement Ring?

Imagine your partner bought you an engagement ring and, while delighted at being proposed to, you really didn't like the ring. Would you tell them?

A new survey reveals that females would be much happier to tell their partner the truth than their male counterparts with 65% of ladies saying they'd be comfortable telling their prospective marriage partner they disliked the ring, while just 33% of gents said the same.

That said, few could dislike our gorgeous little number below.

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And it when it comes to voicing concerns over a partner's choice of ring, it seems there is a bit of a North/South divide. Some 71% of people surveyed in Southampton wouldn’t shy away from telling their significant other the ring was not up to expectations, while some 61% in Newcastle wouldn't dream of doing so.

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The research by Buckley London also found a growing trend in partners preferring to receive a "placeholder" ring. The survey found that 36% wanted a placeholder so that they could choose a forever ring with their partner.

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When it comes to cost, tradition has it that around three months’ salary is the right amount to spend on on an engagement ring. But the survey found that on average, UK residents think that £12,153 is the right amount. Given the latest Annual Survey for Hours and Earnings from the Office For National Statistics shows that the median weekly income for full-time employees is £585, to meet Brits' expectations, the average earner would have to spend over five months’ wages on the ring.

For placeholder ring, £407 is the average but it turns out that many men expect their other half to fork out more than that - 29% say they would want £501-£1,000 spent on a placeholder ring. Meanwhile, 23% of females would be happy to see £251-£500 paid.

This pretty piece below would come in not far off the target average.

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When it comes to popping the question, tradition is eroding, the survey found. With women now financially independent, career-driven and with an equal say in every aspect of their relationship, it is much more usual for either partner to propose. Indeed, 31% of Brits think that either a man or woman can do so. This is even higher among those aged 24-35, with 43% believing either partner can propose.

Whomever asks the big ask, our stunning ring below would be sure to light anyone's fire - and it comes in at just a little over what Brits believe is the amount that should be spent on an engagement ring.

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When it comes to forward thinking over popping the question, those in the north-west seem to be leading the change, with 53% of Liverpudlians believing either a man or a woman can propose, while 44% of Mancunians think the woman should pop the question.

So, would you dare tell your other half you didn't like the ring they got you, or could you pluck up the courage to propose? Would you want a forever ring or a placeholder? We'd love to know what you think so why not drop us a line here: https://www.ogdenharrogate.co.uk/pages/contact-us

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