Why Buy from an independent small business?

I work for a family run company that has been at the heart of Harrogate for over 125 years, passed down from generation to generation whilst keeping its true identity. We pride ourselves on the customer service given to everyone who steps through our doors (physically and virtually in this modern world), offering each individual a bespoke service that is right for them. I have come to recognise the importance of shopping locally, and the positives in not only supporting the local economy but to purchase pieces that are one-of-a-kind and unique to me.

Choosing to shop from a local business rather than selecting from a mass-produced range at a large chain has many benefits; in this post I would like to highlight a few reasons why supporting your local independent stores will give you satisfaction and a greater connection to your local high street.  You will thrive on shopping locally for a number of reasons.

Support your local economy

Independent local businesses help shape the identity of your local area. There is nothing better than a high street filled with unique, carefully curated, and vibrant shops.

By buying locally you are supporting your community in several ways; local businesses like ours belong to the community and therefore sense the importance of supporting local causes and charities; it is very important to Ogden of Harrogate as well as other local companies in the area to support these causes!

By shopping locally, you are a big part of this as without our customers we would not be able to give back to the community.

Shop Local

The ethical choice

With more and more consumers becoming aware of what they are purchasing and trying to live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, questions have now turned to where their purchase has come from, what it is made of, and the condition of the item.  This is certainly the case in the jewellery world and as a result vintage and pre-owned jewellery pieces are now at the forefront of the jewellery industry.

At Ogden of Harrogate we have a stunning range of period jewellery that by its nature is an ethical choice. The ethical issues associated with diamond and metal mining are well rehearsed and are understandably a cause for concern. While modern jewellery that is guaranteed ethical is available, it commands a premium price and even with the best of intentions, you can never be 100% certain of its impact.  Choosing antique or vintage jewellery is one way to know for sure that you aren’t contributing to these ongoing issues. 

The 3 R’s are front of mind as far as many consumers, particularly millennials, are concerned: reduce, reuse and recycle. This is fast becoming the mantra of the forward-thinking customer.

Antique and vintage jewellery is not only unique and beautifully crafted but also has a story to tell, a historical journey that continues to live on through the current wearer.

One-of-a-kind unique purchases

Independent businesses are run by individuals.  In the case of Ogden of Harrogate the business has been in the family for five generations and will continue in this way.  

Many independent businesses do not exist purely for profit or to maximise shareholder value.  They exist to carry out the work for which they were founded – for the benefit of their customers. The result is that our customers buy products that have been independently sourced by experts, products that truly reflect the business, with the highest quality and originality; one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that can be treasured forever.

This is further exemplified in our individual vintage and antique pieces; many of these feature beautifully handcrafted designs, with intricate details making these pieces stand out from the crowd.

Antique and Vintage Jewellery

One-to-one customer service

Many of our customers here at Ogden of Harrogate are more than customers to us; they are friends. We pride ourselves on repeat custom and want to give you a bespoke experience; we like to take the time to get to know our customers and very much hope that you will return to us one day.

We are here to make sure that our customers find what they are looking for and we will strive to support each and every person who walks through our doors.

It is truly about the personal touch at Ogden of Harrogate, as our customer relationships go much further than a purchase. 

If you are on the lookout for an original jewellery piece that will make everyone envious while supporting your local economy, and also feeling confident that you have been ethical in your purchase then please do not hesitate to come and see us!



June 10, 2019 — Naomi Jenkinson