Valentines day Gift Ideas

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning those romantic gestures to show your loved one how much they mean.  Whether you’re spending an evening in, snuggled up watching a rom-com, or going on an extended jet setting break to a romantic European city, or somewhere a bit warmer, we know the task of finding that perfect gift that shouts “I love you” can be daunting.

That’s why we’re here to provide a helping hand in your hunt, and have put together a gift guide to help show that special someone in your life how much they’re appreciated; whether it’s the love of your life, or to say a special thankyou to your best friend or family member, we are sure to find the perfect gift to take their breath away here at Ogden of Harrogate.

Saint Valentine

Before we get started on highlighting our key picks for the ultimate Valentine’s we’d like to take a moment to meander down memory lane.  We all know that Valentines Day falls on the 14th of February, but have you ever wondered why? Many of us recognise the name Saint Valentine, but do we truly know the link between this temple priest and the Valentine’s Day we know today?

As the story goes, there was more than one Saint Valentine.  Three in fact; and whilst it is likely that the stories of all three have merged over the millennia it is widely considered that Saint Valentine of Rome was the man who’s life is now celebrated on 14th February.  In third century Rome Emperor Claudius II banned marriages.  The reason?  He believed that unmarried men made for better soldiers, and better soldiers would help build his empire.  It is believed that Saint Valentine of Rome disregarded this instruction of the Emperor, and went on marrying soldiers on secret, the command of his god greater than that of his Emperor.  Unfortunately, Claudius II discovered Saint Valentine’s betrayal, and depending on the account you read, had him exiled or sadly executed.  It is believed the remains of Saint Valentine are buried in a cemetery in the north of Rome.

To this day we are still unsure of why Valentines Day is celebrated in February although there are many theories.  It wasn’t until Pope Gelasius was appointed the head of Catholic Church he decreed that February the 14th should be Saint Valentine’s Day, although the association with love didn’t arise until later.

It was not until the 1400’s when Valentines’ messages became popular, but they weren’t completely unheard of before this time.  Legend has it that when Saint Valentine was imprisoned, he sent a message to his lover signed ‘From your Valentine’, I am sure that the romantic in you believes this to be true. If you fancy a bit more detail than I’ve been able to provide, a fascinating blog with a more detailed history of Saint Valentine can be found here

Now we have the history lets choose that perfect gift.

For Eternity

What better way to tell that special someone how much you love them than an eternity ring symbolising love, loyalty and strength.

An eternity ring encapsulates for ever after and true long-lasting adoration.  If you want to truly make a Valentine’s day gesture why not opt for an alternating ruby and diamond full or half eternity ring.

We love this yellow gold channel set eternity ring featuring five princess cut diamonds alternating with four bright white diamonds.

  • Rubies - 0.28 carat (total)
  • Diamond – 0.22 carat (total)

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring


Ruby and Diamond Half Eternity Ring - £1,350




Why not take the moment to make a gesture of love with this Georg Jensen Heart pendant.  This piece exudes femininity whilst remaining stylish and modern, the curvilinear heart shape exemplifies sentiments of the heart and is the perfect gift to celebrate this valentine’s day.


Georg Jensen Heart Shaped Necklace

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Necklace - £160

If you are looking for something a little bit different this year; we think this Legacy heart shaped box is a wonderful gift idea for valentines, this heart shaped box holds sweet surprises inside. Whether you use this to hold sweets or put keys, jewellery or anything you want to keep safe this will truly make for the perfect gift this valentine’s day.

Gorge Jensen Heart Shaped Bonbonniere

Georg Jensen Heart Shaped Bonbonniere

Georg Jensen Heart Bonbonniere (small) - £55


Valentine’s Day for Him

What better way to say “I love you” then these pair of horseshoe cufflinks crafted in sterling silver and enamel that will last the test of time, not only are these cufflinks beautiful crafted but feature a blue horse shoes symbolising luck and protection for that special person in your life.

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Cufflinks

Silver Enamel Horseshoe Cufflinks - £106

What ever you choose for that special person in your life make it everlasting and symbolic and enjoy. If you need any help choosing do not hesitate to contact us or why not find our nearest store.

January 29, 2019 — Naomi Jenkinson