Unique Style With History To Talk About

While there are many examples of attractive jewellery that is available off the shelf, the fact is that they are available to everyone -  unique they are not.

That's where antique jewellery really comes into its own - due to much smaller original production runs and fewer examples over time, it's pretty unlikely you will spot someone else wearing the same items as you if yours are decades old.

This exotic necklace embodies all that is desirable about antique jewellery.

Antique diamond crescent brooch - stock no. 65-87-228

This wonderful piece has been beautifully crafted from 15ct yellow gold with a silver setting and features old cut diamonds, graduating in size the smallest diamonds sitting to the crescent point. 

At the start of the new decade, there is a today growing trend for Victorian (1820-1901), Edwardian (1901-1910) and Art Deco (1910-1935) pieces and heirloom jewellery is becoming all the rage - from a locket or a family bracelet to your Dad’s vintage chain necklace. But if you don't have family treasures to wear yourself, buying an antique ring, bracelet, necklace or brooch is a great way to get on board.

Take for example this stunning 1900's Victorian ring.

Victorian gold and 3-stone diamond ring - stock no. 60-87-783

This 3-stone ring has been beautifully crafted from 18ct yellow gold and features three old cut diamonds, the largest of the diamonds claw set to the centre, weighing 1.10ct. 

And from an ethical perspective, pre-loved jewellery scores highly, too. Purchasing a fragment of history in the form of a beautiful antique piece means the associated environmental aspects relating to its production have long since been eliminated.

This wonderful early Victorian brooch exudes elegance, the intricate design is captivating and it tells a true historical story.

Gold and turquoise brooch - stock no. 67-87-142

This masterpiece dates from around 1850 and is finely crafted in 18ct gold, representing the best values of that early Victorian period.

As well as uniqueness, an added bonus is that antique jewellery can make a solid investment. The world of antiques is governed by supply and demand. When something becomes desirable but is in low supply, the demand for it increases and so does its value. 

The Edwardian era, meanwhile, was also a time of highly-skilled craftsmen who created some wonderful pieces such as this pair of timeless earrings.

Edwardian sapphire and diamond drop earrings - stock no. 16-87-670

They feature an impressive display of triangular cut sapphires within a rectangular formation and an old cut diamond is set in relief within the rectangular design. 

The demand for Victorian and Edwardian jewellery is only set to soar with the upcoming release of the new Downton Abbey film. Producers in December confirmed a sequel is in the works and Downton creator Julian Fellowes hinted at a release date towards the end of this year or early next.

Michelle Dockery stars as Lady Mary Talbot in Downton Abbey

Jewellery from the Art Deco period was perhaps most noted for its reflection of what at the time was modern technology, characterised by smooth lines, geometric shapes and bright, vibrant colours.

This engagement ring certainly exemplifies some of those elements.

Art Deco style platinum and diamond engagement ring - stock no. 60-88-602

It features an impressive 2.12ct brilliant round cut diamond, four claw set to the centre and flanked on either side with stepped, graduating baguette cut diamonds. 

On the other hand, this Art Deco piece encompasses the vibrancy of colour associated with design of the time.

Art Deco style platinum, diamond and ruby ring - stock no. 60-87-763

This classic platinum eternity ring, contains 3 square cut rubies alternating with 3 round cut diamonds in a channel setting, for a truly eye-catching design.

So whether it's Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco, jewellery with real history makes a good choice if you want a unique piece with style, sophistication and a story to tell and that will most likely increase in value.

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