UK-Based Miner Finds Giant White Diamond in Lesotho

British-based global diamond mining business Gem Diamonds has recovered a white diamond weighing 114ct at its Letšeng mine in Lesotho, the second stone over 100ct the miner has found this year, it said on Tuesday.

The company unearthed the “high-quality” D-colour stone on Monday. The discovery follows that of a 183ct, white, Type IIa diamond last month at the same 70%-owned Letšeng mine. 

Berenberg investment bank estimated that stone, despite showing signs of breakage, would fetch in excess of £3.9 million.

Alongside the “exceptional” stone, the company recently found two other large, high-quality diamonds weighing 89ct and 70 ct, respectively.

In December last year, Gem Diamonds recovered a yellow, Type I diamond weighing 114 ct at the same Letšeng mine (above).

The discoveries are a boost for the company, which saw lower recoveries of large stones in 2019. At the same time last year, the miner had not yet unearthed any diamonds weighing more than 100ct.

At an average elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level, Letšeng is one of the world’s highest diamond mines.

March 04, 2020 — Chris N