The Stylish Return of the Classic Charm

At Ogden of Harrogate we believe that there is a trend brewing in the jewellery world; fully formed, but still beneath the surface. We are predicting a big comeback for a classic piece, a view that was backed up by our trip to the Baselworld trade fair in March.

Very much reminiscent of your grandma’s sentimental jewellery, or perhaps a reminder of your school years, where an exchanged friendship charm signified that you were going to be best friends forever.  There is something about charms which make us feel nostalgic!

A Brief History of The Charm

Brought about by Queen Victoria in the mid 1800’s, charm bracelets have a long history through the ages within the fashion world.  It was said that Prince Albert had gifted Queen Victoria a gold bracelet with a coloured enamel heart to symbolise each birth of their nine children; as a result charms became a fashion piece amongst European nobility.

Following the passing of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria continued to wear charms; these became known as “mourning” charms, and encased a lock of the hair of the deceased.

During the decades and centuries that followed, there have been many adaptations of the charm bracelet: a romantic example is that soldiers in WWII would bring hand crafted charms back from where they were fighting for their loved ones.

 Charms Today

Charms have become a huge fashion accessory, layered in necklace form or dangling whimsically on a bracelet. Worn by the fashion elite, a charm is the fashion accessory to have in 2019.

The charm has taking centre stage once again, a finishing touch to every assemble. The charm pendant comes in a variety of style and lengths and often looks best when layered adding a personal flair.

We have a wonderful selection of charms at Ogden of Harrogate, so you are sure to find something to suit everyone’s style and sentiment.

Why Choose a Vintage Charm?

Each vintage charm has its own unique character and history; a back story of adventures, achievements and experiences, and a true story to tell.  Although old, we make sure they look refreshed!

Our vintage charms are crafted from yellow gold and start at around £20 each.  They’ll last a lifetime due to the high-quality gold that will never tarnish. A charm is a perfect piece of jewellery for the everyday, whether that be for walking the dog, brunch out, or a cocktail (or three) on the veranda - the charm pendant is the go-to piece.  It can add charm to a casual outfit, or look the part of high fashion.

A specially chosen charm will be unique to you or as a gift, a one-of-a-kind piece to treasure forever!

Keep an eye out for our assortment of gold charms coming to the website soon! In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a viewing or call us if you have a charm in mind! 


May 15, 2019 — Naomi Jenkinson