Public Concerts at the Palace - The Queen's Golden Jubilee

From our vantage point in 2022 it is easy to forget what an achievement fifty years on the throne is.  In 2002, the Queen was only the sixth British monarch in history to reach the milestone, and only the third to mark the event with a celebration.

Despite predictions in the press that the anniversary would be a non-event, it was a huge success, and saw Her Majesty undertake extensive Royal tours of the Commonwealth and every region of the UK and for the first time, welcome crowds into Buckingham Palace gardens for public concerts. She even managed to fit in a visit to the set of Emmerdale, where she watched a stunt explosion!

In the photograph above, she is wearing an asymmetric gold flower brooch, probably from the 1950s. Vintage pieces from this time are becoming increasingly collectible, particularly yellow gold pieces and Egyptian-themed 'Cleopatra'-style jewellery. The two examples below, from our collection of mid-century brooches, are different in style, but similar in execution.

1950s 14ct pink sapphire brooch1940s Gold suite flowers

In the world of marriage, the Golden Wedding Anniversary is a hugely significant milestone, and is often marked with a gold piece of jewellery. 

Contemporary fashion houses such as FOPE do wonderful, tactile pieces of gold jewellery, such as the 'High Jewellery' MiaLuce necklace below.

FOPE MiaLuce Necklace

Next time:- The Diamond Jubilee of 2012 

May 29, 2022 — Laura Pitts