Mother's Day -

It’s that time of year again when children of all ages can say a heartfelt thanks with a beautiful gift of appreciation to that most cherished family member - Mother. 

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, this year falls on Sunday, 22 March in the UK .

Take a look below at some of the pieces Ogden of Harrogate that we feel will let your dear Mum know just how much she is appreciated.

Why not show her she really is a star with this strikingly beautiful antique gold and pearl starburst brooch, an unusual and stylish gift that she is sure to be delighted to wear. 

Antique star-shaped gold and pearl brooch/pendant - stock no. 66-87-229

This stunning pearl brooch dates back to the Victorian era and features creamy seed pearls set within a 15ct yellow gold gallery. The brooch has an attached ring loop and can be worn as a pendant. 

While the gift of flowers is a always appreciated by a loving Mum, why not give her some that will last a lifetime - like this gorgeous pendant that will always remain perfectly in bloom.

Diamond and gold floral pendant - stock no. 64-87-245

The flower bouquet design is comprised of matt yellow and grey flowers each embellished with a central diamond to the centre and is suspended from a yellow gold bail further ornamented with diamonds and a 50cm chain.

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, in Britain falls every year on the fourth day of Lent, the Christian period of fasting that leads up to Easter. The one celebrated in the United States was founded in 1908 by Anna Jarvis and is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The date used is that of the inventor's mother's birthday. 

It is a big enough occasion there to have inspired Hollywood -  in 2016 a movie was released in its honour, aptly if not imaginatively titled “Mother’s Day”.

Should a gift with an American connection be something Mother would appreciate, our Georg Jensen bangle from the Mercy collection by American designer Jacqueline Rabun, a long-time Georg Jensen-collaborator known for her organic and emotionally charged jewellery, is ideal.

Mercy hinged sterling silver bangle - stock no.17-02-299

In 17th Century Britain Mother's Day was traditionally a day off for servants, who could use it to return home and visit their mothers, since they would be unlikely get to see them during the rest of the year, on average.

The festival experienced a revival in the early 20th Century thanks to Constance Smith, one of the children of the Anglican clergyman Charles Penswick Smith. She had been inspired by the success of America’s first Mother’s Days and, under the pen-name C Penswick Smith, she published a booklet The Revival of Mothering Sunday in 1920 and further works followed.

It was her love of the tradition that inspired her and our Georg Jensen hidden heart pendant certainly reflects the theme of love. In the eyes of its designer, the enigmatic Swedish silversmith Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, the shape encapsulates the strength of true love. When turned upside down, you can find a heart in the middle of the pendant.

Sterling silver hidden heart pendant - stock no. 17-03-097

If your Mum prefers something a little more traditional, then these stunning antique ruby and diamond drop earrings, wonderfully crafted from 18 carat yellow gold with silver settings, are sure to hit the mark. 

Antique ruby and diamond drop earrings - stock no.63-87-163

Each ruby is surrounded by 12 old cut diamonds diamonds set within claws.  to give a total diamond weight of 1.6cts 

Back in early 20th century, the publicity both Smith and Jarvis created, coupled with he fallout of the First World War, when hundreds of thousands of mothers were left without sons, soon meant that Mother's Day was celebrated by all denominations of Christianity, and it spread through Britain and the United States.

Ironically perhaps, neither Ms Smith nor Ms Jarvis ever became mothers. 

A long time has passed since then but if time is something your Mother treasures, what could be better than our delightful pearl cocktail watch.

Pearl cocktail watch - stock no. 58-87-138

This beautiful vintage watch has an oval face accented by a sparkling diamond bezel and clearly defined black-on-white numbers and hands. The pearls are threaded on wire and rings and are natural pearls.

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Whatever you choose, we would like to wish all mums everywhere a very happy Mother's Day - and we'd love to hear why your Mum is simply the best! Drop us a line here: