Mother’s Day jewellery | Find the perfect gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if anyone deserves a gift to show them how much they are truly appreciated, it is she.  It’s time to find that perfect, sentimental gift that shows your mum how special she is.

There is no better way to say ‘I love you’ than a timeless piece of jewellery that can be treasured forever, and you have quite the selection to choose from to make sure that the present you get is perfect for her.  Whether your mum loves gemstones, diamonds or a beautiful gold surprise, we are sure to have something she’ll love here at Ogden of Harrogate.

We know that every mother loves flowers and chocolates; flowers brighten up a spring room and whilst chocolate is a real treat a piece of jewellery can be worn day after day, year after year, and cherished, just as our mothers should be.

Below we’ve selected a few choice pieces to give you some inspiration ahead of the most deserving of days.

Antique 9 carat Gold Swirl Design Locket - £485.00

9 Carat Embossed Locket


This stunning antique gold locket is simultaneously classic and modern; the gold locket will allow your mum to capture and carry one of her most cherished memories in photograph form, making for a great sentimental gift.

Lockets have been a popular accessory for centuries and have become a new wardrobe basic and go to everyday item, giving a polished look for an immaculate finish to any outfit.

Our gorgeous 9 carat, yellow gold locket is accented with a striking embossed stylised flower and leaf design; suspended from a bale and chain. The reverse of the locket has been kept plain.

We are sure that your mother will cherish this piece forever, wearing a special memory close to her heart.

Georg Jensen Askill Silver Butterfly Bangle - £195.00

Georg Jensen Askill Silver Butterfly Bangle

This beautiful Georg Jensen Askill Silver Bangle from Georg Jensen captures the wonderful, whimsical appeal and beauty of butterflies, many people's favourite insect. The bangle has a lovely feminine appeal, with intricate detailing and great craftsmanship.

This wonderful bangle is from the creative duo of Georg Jensen and well-known Australian sculptor Jordan Askill, mixing aspects of strong Danish design from Jensen, with the timeless elegance that Askill brings to all his creations.

This gorgeous silver bangle will make for a great Mother’s Day gift; the butterflies are said to symbolise endurance, change, hope and life.  All those things a mother can provide.

A wonderful piece for layering with other Jensen designs, or worn individually, this item can make a great addition to, or starting point for, your mother’s collection, making forthcoming presents a little easier to choose!

Wolf Ivory Travel Jewellery Case 329953 - £75.00

Wolf Ivory Travel Jewellery Case

Why not spoil your very special mother with this stunning Wolf Ivory Jewellery Case? This piece oozes luxury, beautifully handcrafted from the finest leather.

The case is perfect for keeping jewellery safe while travelling, or to use as an ornate store in the home, and it encompasses Wolf’s signature styling beautifully.

We are sure that this travel jewellery box will be a hit this Mother’s Day.

9ct Gold St Christopher Medallion Pendant - £285.00

9ct Gold St Christopher Medallion Pendant

This gorgeous St Christopher’s pendant has been handcrafted from 9ct yellow gold; St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers to whom he is said to bring safety and good wishes.

The St Christopher symbol is also said to protect loved ones against a number of worldly threats, just as a mother does for her child.  It’s the perfect piece to wear, especially if your Mother is planning on an exotic getaway.

Georg Jensen Silver Amethyst Savannah Ring – £475.00


Another George Jensen option, his Savannah collection combines beautifully cut gemstones with stylish, Nordic minimalist design.

This piece is great for everyday wear and makes for the perfect gift for chic mothers.  The ring produces a kaleidoscope effect when light hits the jewellery and the Savannah pieces add both warmth and a modern elegance to any look.

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone and is known as the symbol for sincerity, security and the peace of mind a parent can provide; a great option with hidden meaning.

We very much hope that our mother’s day gift guide has helped you in deciding on the ideal gift for your special Mum this year.

Here at Ogden of Harrogate we always want to help, and if you would like to talk to us with regard to helping you find the perfect gift our doors are always open.  You can find our contact details on our website.

March 08, 2019 — Naomi Jenkinson