Fine Watches That Shine In The Limelight

In some big-screen films, watches are merely set dressing, just another part of the background. But when a watch is used well, it not only adds dimension to the film, it increases our understanding of the characters.

That makes the appearance of watches in movies an interesting topic and It’s also why  brands have been happy to see their timepieces on the wrists of Hollywood’s most famous characters.

Here we take a look at some of the films that have featured watches from 3 top makers - and a few of our own timepieces.that would also grace the wrist of any Hollywood superstar.

First up is TAG Heuer, a company that has had a close relationship with Hollywood for decades - who could forget Steve McQueen's Monaco watch, at that time simply a Heuer, from the classic 1971 movie Le Mans (main picture)? Watches by TAG Heuer, as the company has been called since 1985, have made multiple appearances in action series like Mission: Impossible, Transporter, and XXX.

Actor Ving Rhames in Mission: Impossible

TAG Heuer has also featured in films such as The Usual Suspects (a TAG Heuer Formula 1) and Inception (the Tag Carrera Calibre 5 Automatic). 

Actor Gabriel Byrne wears a TAG Heuer in The Usual Suspects

Here at Ogden of Harrogate we have a splendid collection of TAG Heuer watches including the TAG Heuer Formula 1 and Carerra Calibre, below.



TAG Heuer Formula 1 Aston Martin - stock no. 55-10-386

This watch has a a stainless steel case of 43mm and is styled with a black dial with grey and lime green touches. It has a quartz movement and is water resistant to a depth of 200 metres.



TAG Heuer Carrera Caibre 16 - stock no. 55-10-397

This stunning timepiece features a fine brushed-steel case and a blue face with Rhodium-plated luminescent indexes. The bezel is of polished ceramic and this watch is water-resistant to a depth of 100m.

Of course, Rolex and Omega have long been regulars on the big screen and not just in Bond movies as we looked at recently.

Away from 007, Omega has adorned the wrists of characters such as Robert Downey Jnr’s Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, where an Omega Speedmaster makes an appearance in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Speedmaster was the first watch on the Moon and Omega watches can be spotted in numerous space-travel movies, including Mission to Mars, The Right Stuff, and Apollo 13.

In fact, all three of the main astronauts in Apollo 13, including Tom Hanks' character above, can be seen wearing Omega Speedmasters.

We have some fine examples of Omegas including the pair below.



2009 Omega Seamaster Chrono Men's 41.5mm - stock no. 51-88-099

This watch  features a blue wave pattern dial and a stainless steel case and bracelet, and the face is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Omega De Ville - stock no. 51-87-185

This watch is slightly older than its stablemate above, dating from 2004. It is stainless steel and a little more understated than the Seamaster.

Last but by no means least in our list is Rolex. For this famous marque, a standout characteristic is timeless cool. For that reason, it’s no surprise that they appear in slick period pieces like L.A. Confidential., where Ed Exley (played by Guy Pearce) wears a 1940s Rolex Precision watch with secondhand subdial - a reflection of Exley’s character: steadfast, clear-eyed, and straightforward.

In another more recently made period piece, 2012’s Oscar-winner, Argo, star/director Ben Affleck can be seen wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. This watch is made of resilient, Oyster steel with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal used for the face. It is also water-resistant up to 4,000 feet, hence the “Deepsea” in its name.

Actor Ben Affleck wears a Rolex in Argo

Away from serious films, Bill Murray can be seen wearing a Rolex Datejust in quirky quasi-comedy film, Lost in Translation. His traditional black dial Datejust suggests that this character is well-to-do and fashionable and that’s just what a Rolex conveys on any wearer.

Our Rolex collection features a range of excellent examples, including the two below.

Vintage Rolex Oyster-date Precision - stock no. 58-86-094

This lovely Rolex dates from 1963 and features a silver dial with raised arrowhead hour markers and pointed baton luminous second markers as well as silver hands. 



Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master - stock no. 58-87-363

This stunning Rolex features a stainless steel case 40.0 mm in diameter and a bidirectional rotating bezel with a special 24-hour black bezel insert. 

As we're sure you will agree, a watch is so much more than a device for keeping time as their use in big-budget movies proves - and we'd love to know what watch you feel best fits your character, so why not let us know here:

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