A Great Diamond In The Sky - Mirrored Right Here On Earth

With the bright Moon moving out of the evening sky, we have an opportunity to view some of the fainter sky objects that occupy the Spring evening sky - and one such is the Great Diamond or Spring Diamond constellation.

The Great Diamond or Spring Diamond constellation

At Ogden of Harrogate, we also have some great diamonds which are sure to light up even the dullest evening, such as the sparklers below. 

According to sources such as SPACE.com, the Great Diamond, counterclockwise from the north, is made up of four stars that are said to illustrate stellar diversity: Cor Caroli in Canes Venatici, Arcturus in Boötes, Spica in Virgo, and Denebola in Leo.

The first star in that order is Cor Caroli, which means "Charles' Heart" and is said to have been named after the English king Charles 1. Our vintage diamond pendant below certainly sparkles with regal brilliance.

Edwardian diamond pendant - stock no. 64-87-242

The six-petalled floral design displays a central feature old cut diamond, claw set within a scalloped edge French setting. It is enhanced to each of the six petals with old cut diamonds, plus two old cut diamonds and is hung from an 18 ct white gold curb chain. 

Next up in the Great Diamond is Denebola and our cluster ring below certainly has something of the stellar majesty of the constellation about it.

Diamond cluster ring - stock no. 60-87-833

This extravagant and beautiful cluster ring features 11 sparkling round cut diamonds in a three-tier cluster.

Thirdly, Spica takes a bow in the Great Diamond and our ring below reflects the brilliance the star exhibits.

Solitaire Diamond Ring - stock no. 60-01-439

This ring has been beautifully crafted in platinum and features a four claw set 0.70ct, brilliant cut diamond to the centre. 

The fourth star in the Great Diamond set is Arcturus - and our diamond pendant below certainly shines.

Single stone diamond pendant - stock no. 64-01-324

This stunning 0.9ct diamond is 4 claw set into 18ct white gold and comes with the chain on which it hangs.

So next time you glance up at the evening sky in Spring, you can think of those ancient Great Diamond stars as having their counterparts right here at Ogden of Harrogate.