I also had the opportunity to sit down with a highly respected British watchmaker, Mr Peter Speake-Marin, to view their wonderful collection. To say I was blown away would be an understatement and not just by the watches but by the man himself.

A true watchmaker who has a wonderful passion and energy for the craft and artistry of watchmaking. The finer details are never overlooked on a single piece that has come from his hands. The Valsheda in particular caught my eye; with just the one hand to read off that stretches the full length of the dial to dissipate the feeling of emptiness on the face. The centre of the dial is covered by one Speake-Marin motif that circulates as the second hand with another set just above it as the hub of the hour/minute hand. As they spin opposite each other you get an ever-changing shape and illusion in the centre of the dial which simply gives you an elegant yet varying design.

The ‘Piccadilly’ case that all of Peter’s watches are housed in is wonderful all on its own. Bold yet discreet, powerful yet classy and best of all it is distinctive. What better way to showcase your expertise in the craft than to put it all into your own signature case. There is no doubting the quality that lies within and outside a Speake-Marin watch although it can never be truly appreciated until it is upon your wrist.

April 08, 2016 — Neil Hollier
Tags: Watch Blog