Following the launch of The Little Diamond Shop in 2010, a new branch of Ogden of Harrogate has opened in one of York’s busiest thoroughfares.  The new premises, on the corner of Stonegate and Petergate, have housed a jewellery shop since the late 1980s but have undergone comprehensive renovations.  In common with Ogden of Harrogate’s other locations, the designers have opted for a style that is opulent but distinctive, with antique furnishings complementing the walnut-lined décor.

In opening a third shop, the owners, Robert and Ben Ogden, are drawing on experience learned over five generations in the trade. Ogden of Harrogate was founded in 1893 by their great, great grandfather James Roberts Ogden, the adviser in the study of the gold work on Tutankhamun’s tomb. His passion for gemmology and horology has been passed down through generations of the Ogden family and under their supervision a highly-trained staff has served many Yorkshire families, statesmen and royalty. Today the business is one of the oldest and best-known family jewellers in the country.

“Following the success of The Little Diamond Shop, which is thriving five years on, we felt there was an opportunity to extend the Ogden of Harrogate experience into York,” says Robert Ogden.  “The focus is on a stock of the very highest quality, combined with the highest levels of knowledge, expertise and service.”

The shop stocks both contemporary and traditional jewellery, with a large range of unique, best-in-class antique pieces. The watch collection houses luxury watch brands rarely seen outside London including Parmigiani, Giuliano Mazzuoli and Mühle Glasshütte.  Customers will also be able to take advantage of Ogden of Harrogate’s renowned services including valuations, repairs, remodelling and bespoke design.

October 02, 2015 — Hannah Hardy